10K Followers In 90 Days Challenge

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Would you like to get your first 10,000 followers on Instagram in less than 90 days?

Are you ready to grow a huge audience and get a ton of customers out of Instagram without spending a penny?

How would it feel like to get the results you deserve after monthss on years of posting new content without you deserve?

Sounds impossible? It's not...

Introducing The 10K Followers In 90 Days Challenge

This challenge is designed from top to bottom to give you everything you need to get your first or another 10,000 followers in less than 90 days...

And even better, I'm going to PUSH you towards the finish line and show you some next-level Instagram secret for massive reach that nobody knows about that will explode growth forever.

So, here's how the challenge works...

This challenge costs $60 to join. This covers materials during the challenge (more on this below).

But why is it so cheap?

YES, I could charge $300 (and I did). I could even charge $1,300.00 like most of the "gurus" do, but...


Then In Exchange For That Tiny Investment, You Get All This...

If you do, click the "I want this" button and join this challenge right away!

(If you're on your phone it is at the bottom of this page.)

Still need more information? Let me break down all the astonishing stuff you'll get when you join the challenge today!

The First Thing You'll Get Is Access To The 10K Followers In 90 Days Challenge

This challenge led by Filip Konecny is designed to grow your following from 0 to 10,000 followers in less than 90 days or near that time frame.

And it's unlike anything else you've ever seen. During the challenge, we'll be going through 3 main steps...

Step #1: The Tactics

Each day for 10 days, you will have new training to watch that will be available to you forever.

Every training video is about 1-2 hours long and will reveal to you the most effective Instagram growth secrets you've ever seen.

It's the key to MASSIVE growth, and almost none of your competitors are using them.

Step #2: Implementation

Did you ever know what is the right thing to do, but didn't do it? The truth is, most people don't lack knowledge. They lack action.

And that's why each day of the challenge you'll have HOMEWORK and exclusive worksheets to complete.

It's like having me, personally, hold you by hand to the finish line and get the result you want.

Step #3: Scalability

Inside this challenge, you'll also discover the best, most powerful Instagram monetization training you'll ever see.

That way you can turn all of your followers into LOYAL customers and take your business online to the next level.

You'll have a system in your hands that's generating hundreds of millions of dollars per day for hundreds of thousands of super successful companies online like Microsoft or influencers like Tony Robbins.


Yes, there will be work involved...

Yes, you'll have to follow all of the steps...

But every day, you'll be taking steps to grow a massive business online using your Instagram. So, if you have what it takes, click the "I want this button" and join this challenge right away!

However, let me sweeten the pot a little bit.

When you join this challenge, you're also going to get these bonuses:

  • Elite Instagram Content Creation Cheatsheet ($297.00 Value)
  • 10X Instagram Secrets E-book ($199.00 Value)
  • 3 Core Social Media Sales Funnels Training Video ($397.00 Value)

That's over $991.00 value that you get for FREE when you join the 10K Followers In Less Than 90 Days Challenge Today!

This Isn't Just Another Challenge...

Of course, you could just leave this page right now and try to do it yourself.

You can create new and new content for YEARS not even moving close to the 10,000 followers another, reaching our dream customers, or making sales.

That's what almost every business that's on Instagram does.

And if that's what you want, that's fine - I wish you the best of luck.

I've done that, and it's one of the most exhausting and frustrating things, I've ever been through up to this point.

However, if you want to SKIP all that, get PROVEN strategies that will explode your growth on Instagram and reach more people than you thought of in your wildest dreams...

Then this challenge has been created for you.

So, don't wait and join the 10K Followers In Less Than 90 Days Challenge right away!

But you have to hurry up! The first time this challenge was live, grow 1,000 people joined in the right 2 days.

And now there's limited availability as well!

Chances are that as of the time you read this message, there are just a few spots left, and then it will be gone with all of the bonuses forever!

So, don't wait and join this challenge before it's too late.

I want this!

10K Followers In 90 Days Challenge

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I want this!