Email Copywriting Service (1 Email)

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Email Copywriting Service (1 Email)

Filip Konečný
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Do you want your emails to get delivered, open, and cause people to act?

Do you want to get sales instead of a bunch of people angry at you, deleting your emails, and calling you a "spammer"?

If so, then let me introduce you to my brand-new email copywriting service...

During the past few years, I've sent out 1,105,314+ emails and over that time I mastered the art of selling through this incredible medium...

And now I'm about to write a high-converting email copy for you as well.

Here's what the process is going to look like:

1. You'll Fill Out A Simple Questionnaire And Schedule A Call With Me

After you make the purchase, we'll set a time to talk to get clear on our needs and you'll get a simple questionnaire to fill out that's necessary for me to write the best email copy for you.

2. I'll Write The Copy For You

During this phase, you can lay back and chill. I'll do all of the work for you and will only contact you when necessary.

3. I'll Submit You The Copy For Review

After I write the email copy, I'll submit it to you for review. That way you can check if you like it, and if there are some changes you'd like to make, we'll handle that.

4. You Can Use The Copy As You Wish

Once the copy is reviewed and you like it, you can use it as you wish with full rights to it.

And to sweeten the pot a little bit, you'll get INSTANT access to over $135.00 worth of bonuses for free:

  • Make Your Voice Heard E-book: Exclusive Pre-Launch Access ($27.00 Value)
  • Billion Dollar Scripts E-book ($27.00 Value)
  • Email Marketing Scripts E-book ($27.00 Value)
  • Elite Instagram Content Creation Cheatsheet E-book ($27.00 Value)
  • 10X Instagram Secrets E-book ($27.00 Value)

Isn't that incredible? So, what are you waiting for?

Go and get this exclusive service right away.

However, I have to warn you...

There's only a limited number of clients that I can take on and the spots are filling up fast. If this page is still live and working, then this offer is still available but it can change anytime soon. So, don't wait.

I want this!